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Mastering the Fighter Multiclass in D&D 5E: Tips for Beginners

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition offers a myriad of ways to customize your character, and one of the most exciting options is multiclassing. Specifically, the Fighter multiclass can provide a robust and versatile playstyle for both new and seasoned players. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to effectively multiclass as a Fighter and offer some tips and tricks to get you started on your epic adventures.

Why Multiclass as a Fighter?

The Fighter class is known for its combat prowess, versatility, and durability. By multiclassing, you can blend these strengths with the unique abilities of other classes, creating a character that is both powerful and adaptable.

Strengths of the Fighter Class

  • Combat Versatility: Fighters can use a wide array of weapons and armor, making them adaptable to various combat situations.
  • Extra Attacks: At higher levels, Fighters gain multiple attacks per turn, increasing their damage output significantly.
  • Action Surge: This ability allows Fighters to take an additional action on their turn, providing a critical edge in tough battles.
  • Second Wind: A handy self-healing ability that can keep you in the fight longer.

Best Classes to Pair with Fighter

When choosing a class to multiclass with Fighter, consider how the secondary class’s abilities can complement and enhance your Fighter’s strengths.


Combining Fighter with Barbarian can turn your character into a tanky powerhouse. The Barbarian’s Rage ability increases your damage output and reduces incoming damage, which pairs well with the Fighter’s combat skills.


Multiclassing into Rogue can add a layer of stealth and cunning to your Fighter. The Sneak Attack ability can deal massive damage, especially when combined with the Fighter’s multiple attacks.


Combining Fighter with Paladin offers a mix of divine magic and combat skills. The Paladin’s smite abilities can significantly increase your damage, while their healing spells and auras provide additional support.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Fighter multiclass character:

Plan Your Levels

Decide in advance how many levels you want to take in each class. This helps you focus on the abilities that are most beneficial for your character build.

Focus on Key Abilities

Each class has primary abilities that are crucial to its success. For Fighter, these are typically Strength or Dexterity and Constitution. Ensure your secondary class complements these abilities.

Utilize Feats

Feats can significantly enhance your character’s capabilities. Consider feats like Great Weapon Master or Sharpshooter to maximize your damage output.

Balance Combat and Role-Playing

While combat abilities are essential, don’t neglect role-playing aspects. Skills like Persuasion, Stealth, or Investigation can add depth to your character and open up new opportunities during your adventures.

Work with Your Party

Communicate with your fellow players to ensure your character complements the party’s overall composition. A well-rounded party can handle a variety of challenges more effectively.


Multiclassing as a Fighter in D&D 5E can be a rewarding experience, offering a blend of versatility, power, and unique abilities. By carefully planning your levels, focusing on key abilities, and utilizing feats, you can create a character that excels in both combat and role-playing scenarios. So grab your ceramic dice, roll your stats, and prepare for an epic adventure!

Author: Matthew Ellis