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Durability Test Videos

These old videos show us as we test the ceramic gaming dice’s durability through drops, impacts, and stress. They also showcase playability with smooth rolls, precise numbering, and engaging gameplay scenarios. These videos were used during the initial Kickstarter Campaign which got us our start.

The videos showcasing Crit Hit Ceramics’ hand-made polyhedral dice sets serve as compelling testaments to both the durability and playability of these exquisite gaming accessories, masterfully crafted by the skilled artisans of the brand.


1. **Drop Tests:** In these videos, you can witness the dice being subjected to rigorous drop tests. The ceramic dice, though delicate in appearance, exhibit remarkable resilience as they withstand repeated drops onto hard surfaces without chipping or cracking. This visual demonstration underscores their robust construction and longevity.

2. **Impact Resistance:** The videos may also showcase the dice enduring various impact scenarios, proving that they are more than capable of withstanding the rigors of intense gameplay. Whether rolling them across the gaming table or accidentally knocking them against other objects, these ceramic dice stand up to the challenge.

3. **Stress Tests:** Some videos might feature stress tests, such as applying pressure to the dice, demonstrating that they can endure substantial force without succumbing to damage. This illustrates the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into creating these sturdy yet elegant gaming tools.


1. **Rolling Demonstrations:** The videos often include captivating footage of the dice being rolled across different surfaces. These demonstrations highlight the smooth and balanced nature of the ceramic dice, showcasing their ability to provide fair and unpredictable results during gameplay.

2. **Close-up Shots:** Through close-up shots, viewers can appreciate the precision and accuracy of the dice’s numbering and design. This attention to detail ensures that the dice are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally reliable, making them ideal for tabletop role-playing and board games.

In summary, the videos effectively illustrate the durability of Crit Hit Ceramics’ hand-made polyhedral dice through rigorous tests and showcase their playability by immersing viewers in engaging gaming scenarios. These visual demonstrations reassure potential buyers that these ceramic dice are not just exquisite collectibles but also reliable and enjoyable tools for tabletop gaming adventures.