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James D.

Awesome Dice and Amazing Customer Service!

I recently purchased one of the extended sets as a gift. I was impressed with all of the dice I received. They even sent me two replacement D20's because the one in the set was rounded over the 8 side. Excellent purchase, I will definition shop here again!

Michael A

Fantastic Service and fantastic dice.

I recently received my first order from Crit Hit Ceramics, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I was able to snag a set the GDH (Goblin Dice Hoard) dice from the fine people here and could not be happier about it. While I was a bit skeptical at first about the durability of ceramic dice, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by how tough these dice truly are. These dice are gorgeous and have a totally unique look and feel to them that really sets them apart from other sets in my collection. I will gladly be purchasing from them again in the future.

Jennifer K.

Not only wonderful dice but also wonderful customer service!

I reached out earlier this year about getting a set of one of the special edition extended sets. They were great about following up with me once the set was ready and got them shipped out very quickly. The postman was not kind to my package and one D4 came damaged but Crit Hit Ceramics had some top notch customer service and got a replacement over to me. These have a very unique feel when rolling them. Very pleasing. Definitely happy with my purchase!


Love these dice

I have ordered several sets of these dice after first finding them at Origins. The clickety clack sound and feel of these ceramic dice got me hooked and the color schemes keep me coming back.

Amy Perkins

Amazing ceramic dice!

I purchased two sets, the Goblin Dice Hoard Blue/Yellow and Pharoah's Sandstorm. They are more than I could have expected. I love the feel of them in hand. They are a nice weight and have a subtle texture to them. They roll amazingly well and are SO durable. My sons have dropped a couple and we have had zero damage. They held up beautifully through several sessions of play. I know these will last for many years to come and I plan to buy more. Splurge for the extended sets! Totally worth it! Amazing customer service too. They have a great team of wonderful people!

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