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Mastering the Blue Dragonborn Bard: A How-To Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on becoming a Blue Dragonborn Bard in Dungeons & Dragons! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, this guide will help you create a character that’s both powerful and entertaining.

Introduction to the Blue Dragonborn Bard

The Blue Dragonborn is a majestic race known for its electric breath weapon and affinity for thunder. Combining this with the Bard’s musical and magical talents, you get a character that can dazzle enemies and allies alike.

Character Creation

When creating a Blue Dragonborn Bard, focus on the following attributes:

  • Charisma: As a Bard, your Charisma score should be your highest. This will improve your spellcasting and performance abilities.
  • Dexterity: Bards often find themselves in the middle of combat. A high Dexterity will help you avoid damage and improve your combat skills.
  • Constitution: To endure long battles, make sure your Constitution is solid.

Choosing Your Bardic College

The Bardic College you choose will shape your character’s abilities. Here are some options:

  • College of Lore: This college focuses on expanding your spell list and improving your versatility in combat.
  • College of Valor: This college enhances your combat abilities, making you a formidable warrior on the battlefield.
  • College of Glamour: This college excels in charming and influencing others, perfect for social encounters and role-playing.

Spells and Abilities

As a Blue Dragonborn Bard, you’ll have access to a variety of spells and abilities. Here are some recommendations:

  • Thunderwave: Use this spell to push enemies away and deal thunder damage.
  • Charm Person: This spell is perfect for social encounters, allowing you to influence others.
  • Healing Word: A must-have for any Bard, this spell allows you to heal allies from a distance.

Combat Tips

In combat, your role will often be to support your allies and disrupt your enemies. Here are some tips:

  • Use Your Breath Weapon: Your Blue Dragonborn’s breath weapon can deal significant damage to multiple enemies. Use it strategically.
  • Inspire Your Allies: Your Bardic Inspiration can give your allies the edge they need in battle.
  • Stay Mobile: Use your Dexterity to stay out of harm’s way and position yourself for optimal spellcasting.

Role-Playing Your Character

One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing a Bard is the role-playing opportunities. As a Blue Dragonborn, you can create a unique backstory and personality. Perhaps your character is a wandering minstrel seeking to prove their worth, or a noble performer using their talents to protect their homeland.


Creating a Blue Dragonborn Bard in D&D can be a rewarding experience. With the right attributes, spells, and role-playing, you’ll have a character that’s both powerful and entertaining. Remember to have fun and let your creativity shine!

Happy adventuring!

Author: Megan Anderson