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Learn to Play DND: Dragonborn Barbarian

Welcome adventurers! If you’ve ever wanted to channel the power of dragons and the raw strength of a barbarian, the Dragonborn Barbarian is the perfect character for you. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to create and play an effective Dragonborn Barbarian in your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Why Choose a Dragonborn Barbarian?

The Dragonborn Barbarian is a formidable combination of brute strength and elemental power. Here are some reasons why you might choose this character:

  • Unique Abilities: Dragonborns have a breath weapon and damage resistance based on their draconic ancestry.
  • High Durability: Barbarians have high hit points and damage resistance while raging.
  • Versatility in Combat: Combining physical attacks with elemental damage makes for a versatile combatant.

Creating Your Dragonborn Barbarian

Follow these steps to create your Dragonborn Barbarian:

1. Choose Your Draconic Ancestry

The type of dragon you descend from affects your breath weapon and damage resistance. Here are some popular choices:

Draconic AncestryBreath WeaponDamage Resistance

2. Assign Ability Scores

Barbarians rely on strength and constitution. Use the following priority when assigning ability scores:

  1. Strength: Your primary stat for melee attacks.
  2. Constitution: For hit points and staying power.
  3. Dexterity: Useful for initiative and armor class.

3. Choose Your Barbarian Path

At level 3, barbarians choose a path that grants special abilities. Consider these options:

  • Path of the Berserker: Focuses on sheer offensive power.
  • Path of the Totem Warrior: Offers a balance of offense, defense, and utility.

Playing Your Dragonborn Barbarian

Now that your character is ready, here are some tips for playing your Dragonborn Barbarian effectively:

Combat Tactics

  • Use Your Breath Weapon Wisely: It can turn the tide of battle but has limited uses.
  • Rage Often: Rage gives you resistance to damage and bonus damage on attacks.
  • Positioning: Stay close to enemies to draw their attacks and protect your squishier allies.

Role-Playing Tips

Embrace the dual nature of your character. As a Dragonborn, you have a strong sense of pride and honor. As a Barbarian, you value strength and bravery. Balance these aspects in your role-playing to create a compelling character.


Here are some statistics to consider when building your Dragonborn Barbarian:

LevelAverage Hit PointsAverage Damage OutputKey Abilities
1148Rage, Unarmored Defense
55515Extra Attack, Fast Movement
1010522Feral Instinct, Path Feature


The Dragonborn Barbarian is a powerhouse on the battlefield and a fascinating character to role-play. With the right build and tactics, you’ll be an unstoppable force in your next campaign. Embrace the power of your draconic heritage and the indomitable spirit of the barbarian, and you’ll have an unforgettable adventure.

Happy adventuring!

Author: Amanda Garcia